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Fun Ways to Roll Stats

As a rule, I don’t like random stats–in fact it’s one of the top ten reasons I like 4e. But there are a couple random methods that I’d try, given a random-fan DM.

The first method is called Six Pair Flair, and actually uses cards rather than dice. Here’s how it’s done: find a deck of cards. Pull out two 4s, two 5s, two 6s, two 7s, two 8s and two 9s. Shuffle ‘em, and then deal ‘em into six face-up pairs. Those are your scores. Six Pair Flair has that electric excitement that you get by rolling stats, but it’s balanced in that you’re guaranteed to get playable stats, even if they’re not exactly what you wanted.

The second is called Potluck Party. In this method, each players rolls a set of stats as usual. Instead of keeping their own stats though, everyone shows their stat set to everyone else, and then the players each choose which set to use. Potluck Party combines the best of both worlds: the fun of dice-rolling, and the fairness of getting to choose your own stats. The only downside is that the DM has to record the original stat sets, in case a new PC joins the group. But chances are, there’ll only be one or two ‘good’ sets worth recording, and the others can be forgotten.


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