Dear Mr. President,

19 Sep

I wish to express my full support of your proposed Buffet Law. I find it amazing that taxing the super-rich is even an issue; to my mind, ‘tax the rich along with everyone else’ goes without saying.

On a related note, I think Warren should be given a medal of honor, because apparently his people and mine are at war. I suppose his fellow billionaires must consider him a traitor to their cause, but I think he deserves recognition for speaking up for our collective well-being.

I understand that some people are concerned that the Buffet Law won’t solve our national debt problem. Now I’m no economist, but it doesn’t take one to know that it will help. So while further measures may be necessary to reach an ultimate solution, by no means should the greed of the few blind us to part of that solution.

Now, in the event that the Buffet Law projections don’t promise a balanced national budget, I’d like to suggest additional solutions. First, legalize pot and prostitution, and then tax the hell out of them. These luxuries are no more dangerous than cigarettes and football, and have no business being illegal. Second, tax corporations and religion-owned land. I don’t know why the titles ‘corporation’ and ‘recognized religion’ give their owners a free pass, but it’s time everyone starts paying their fair share. Again, it doesn’t take an economist to see how these things will help solve our problem.

After we’ve seen our budget with all of these additions, then will be the time to consider cutting frivolous spending, like NASA and the defense budget.

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One response to “Dear Mr. President,

  1. dyasdesigns

    03/03/2017 at 2:20 pm

    LOL NASA is so tiny (and produces so much of value nigh constantly) and the Defense Budget so Huge (and we hope to never use it)


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