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A First Blog

Hi all! I’m Tequila Sunrise, and I’m here to talk about games, gaming and any other bullshit that might pop into my head. I mostly play Dungeons & Dragons, so I’ll get my edition allegiance out of the way first—because, let’s be honest, you want to know, and it’ll become obvious soon enough anyway. Edition allegiance is like political leaning, don’t you think? You want to know which party other people are in, if only to avoid offense. Or, you might want to know because you’ll be damned if you let those 3tards or 4rons ruin the country!

I’ve played every edition since 2e, and even a session of OD&D. The best thing about each edition, as far as I’m concerned: 2e had Planescape, the best D&D setting of all time, and Toni DeTerlizzi, the best artist to ever illustrate for D&D. 3e simplified how we use the d20; you roll it, add a few modifiers and compare to a DC; higher is always better. A few cobwebs remained, like the turning rules, but 3e went a long way toward making the game more intuitive and accessible to casual players. 4e did even more; it killed a lot of sacred cows, but the only one I really miss is alignment meaning something. 4e made D&D an elegant balance between in-play simplicity and character options. It has its flaws, but they’re fewer and lesser than those of earlier editions, so 4e is currently my favorite. I’ll see if 5e makes a grognard out of me.